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Executive Air Services Publishes Charter Broker’s Bill of Rights


MIAMI, July 27, 2011 – Executive Air Services (EAS), a worldwide aircraft charter and management company, today announced it has published the Charter Broker Bill of Rights (CBBR), created to acknowledge the unique place occupied by brokers in the jet charter industry. 

The CBBR is carefully designed to offer the Broker protection from Part 135 Operators who may solicit clients without a Broker’s explicit authorization. 

“In the U.S., we estimate that 65-80 percent of people who charter do so via brokers, we therefore published the CBBR to let brokers know that we respect their client relationships, and that we will never solicit the end-user", said Matthew Winer, president of EAS. “We feel very strongly about our commitment to protecting brokers and we are hopeful that this significant acknowledgement will soon become industry standard.” 

Highlights of the CBBR include acknowledgement that The Jet Charter Broker is an invaluable member of the Aviation Community who provides extraordinary attention to an End-User, including all pre, in, and post-flight services, as well as dispatch and flight following services to the client. It also promises that neither Operations staff (including charter/dispatch/back-office people) nor flight crews will contact the End-User for any reason, unless explicitly requested by the Charter Broker. 

A complete copy of the CBBR can be found at