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Executive Air Services Becomes the First US-based Charter Company to Implement Their Entire Fleet with 24/7 Access to MedAire's Comprehensive Medical and Security Services


MIAMI, July 6, 2011 - Executive Air Services (EAS), a worldwide aircraft charter and management company, today announced that, effective August 1, the charter company is the first in The Americas to provide its aircraft owners and charter clients with life-saving medical care and security services via a new agreement with MedAire, an International SOS company.

"EAS is committed to offering our charter and management clients the safest, most secure travel services-from pre-flight briefings to the final leg of their journey," said Matthew Winer, president of EAS. "Our new relationship with MedAire will provide our passengers with expert in-flight medical care. In the event an unexpected incident occurs, our flight crew will be trained by MedAire to manage medical events-whether routine or life-threatening-using advanced onboard medical equipment." 

EAS' crew and VIP passengers will have 24/7 in-flight access to MedAire's MedLink Global Response Center, where emergency care doctors manage more than 19,000 in-flight medical cases a year for business, general and commercial aviation companies. "With just one phone call to MedLink doctors on the ground, our crew will receive step-by-step advice on how to treat the passenger's condition and MedLink will even contact local paramedics to meet us upon arrival, if needed," says Winer. "With safety as our highest priority, we want our guests to arrive feeling rested and healthy. MedAire's team can help."

The MedLink in-flight medical service extends to EAS passengers traveling for business or pleasure once they land at their destination. Via a co-branded membership card, a medical and security information and advice hotline is available in the event there's a medical or security concern. "Whether you're under the weather and need to see a doctor in person or you end up in the wrong part of town and feel your security is compromised, you can call us to get instant advice, on-the-ground referrals and expedited payment for covered services," says Grant Jeffery, CEO, MedAire.

About MedAire
While in the air, at sea or traveling for business or pleasure, airplane and yacht owners, passengers and crew rely on MedAire’s 24/7 Global Response Centers for remote medical care and security advice and emergency assistance. For 25 years, aviation and maritime crewmembers have gained confidence and preparedness skills by taking a variety of MedAire’s medical courses, which teach basic and advanced life support skills. Students also learn crew resource management skills, how to contact MedAire’s MedLink service for advice, and to use MedAire’s medical equipment designed for remote environments. MedAire, an International SOS company, is the world’s largest integrated aviation and maritime provider of medical, travel and security services. For information, visit